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Bhulekh Assam Dharitree 2024 Search Jamabandi Copy Online (ধৰিত্ৰী অসম):  The Land Revenue Department of Assam is one of the oldest divisions in the state. The revenue department made available revenueassam.nic.in the web portal for Assam state. From this website you can find dag number, Patta number, or Pattadar number, and Jamabandi Copy online. This department was renamed as the Revenue and Disaster Management Department on March 1, 2006. The State Government has made efforts to gradually modernize the department to suit the needs of the times and the present age.

dharitri assam land Record Dharitree 2024

The revenue department is divided into four different parts: first general branch, second settlement branches, third Land Acquisition and Land Records Branch, and fourth in the Land Reforms branch. For checking land records in Jamabandi, peoples need to deposit an application forms to the revenue department of Assam. Assam Government made Dharitree software to check and get a copy of Jamabandi, dag no Patta, etc.

Note: If your record is missing in the online Dharitree, please don’t panic contact to your circle office, After that officer will update your details at ilrms Dharitri Assam software.

Dharitri Assam Land Records Overview

Name  Jamabandi Assam Land Record
State Assam
District All-Districts
Department Revenue & District Management Department Assam
Year 2024
Official Website revenueassam.nic.in

District Wise Jamabandi Land Records Assam

Jamabandi Assam is almost completed in All districts of the state. Here we are providing a list of districts in Assam where online Jamabandi/Land record is available. So please check the list given below:-

Barpeta- বৰপেটা  Morigaon -মৰিগাওঁ
Biswanath – বিশ্বনাথ  Sibsagar – শিৱসাগৰ
Bongaigaon – বঙাইগাঁও  Charaideo – চৰাইদেউ
 Dhemaji – ধেমাজি Tinsukia – তিনিচুকীয়া
Dhubri – ধুবুৰী Chirang – ছিৰাং
 Dibrugarh – ডিব্ৰুগড়  Majuli – মাজুলী
Goalpara – গোৱালপাৰা  Nalbari – নলবাৰী
 Hojai – হোজাই  Darrang  – দৰং
Jorhat – যোৰহাট Kamrup – কামৰূপ
Kamrup Metro – কামৰূপ মহানগৰ Nagaon – নগাওঁ
Karimganj – করিমগঞ্জ Sonitpur – শোণিতপুৰ
Lakhimpur – লক্ষীমপূৰ Golaghat – গোলাঘাট

Land Record Assam Jamabandi Search By Dag Number

Jamabandi is preparing for a change in Pattas periodically and annual Pattas recorded at regular settlement these are recorded as supplementary settlement, The revenue department Kanungos have to record its data periodically also there is No mutation of names can be effected without the order of the Sub-Deputy Collector or an officer duly empowered.
In Assam state revenue department is divided into two main branches:
(1) Revenue General for general issues related to property and
(2) Revenue Settlement. Which again divided into four major branches which are

  • General Branch,
  • Settlement Branch,
  • Land Acquisition and Land Records Branch and
  • Land Reforms Branch.

Now let us explain that How to get Jamabandi Copy By dag number in Assam Land Records Online.

1. Visit Dharitree Website

To get Assam land Record Jamabandi copy online, open the official website (revenueassam.nic.in map ) of the Revenue & District Management Department. Use the link given here – Search Jamabandi Copy / revenueassam.nic.in 

2. Choose District <<Circle << Village

After opening the official website revenueassam.nic.in, first select District, Village, and circle in Dharitree software.

Jamabandi copy Assam Dharitree

3. Search Dag Number.

After Selection, enter the dag number and click on the “search by dag number” option. Enter the captcha code.

www.revenueassam.nic.in dharitree

4. Select owner Name.

After searching Dag number, you will get a list of land owner’s names and Dag number detail. Then select it and view the Jamabandi Option – “See Jamabandi”.

5. Verify Jabanbandi Copy.

Now you will get a softcopy of Jamabandi on the web screen. In this, there is basic information like Owner’s Name, Father’s Name, and other information of Land. here you can check land-related information online.

jamabandi Copy Assam Dag No

6. Download/Print Assam Jamabandi Copy

long with checking Assam Jamabandi, you can also download or print a copy of it. For this, select the print option in the browser menu. Then you can print & download it very easily.

ROR Assam Jamabandi Search By Patta Number

To view jamabandi online using Patta number, Please select the option “Search By Patta Number”. After this enter the verification code & patta number and search.

After this, all the jamabandi Records related to the entered Patta number will appear on the screen. Select your name from it and select the “See Jamabandi” option.


After this Jamabandi copy will be open on the screen. Which you can download or print.

Jamabandi Assam Land Record Search By Pattadar Name

You can Get a Jamabandi Copy in Assam using “Search By Pattadar Number”. Please choose this option. Then select your name’s first letter on the virtual keyboard. After this, all the name list starting with that letter will appear. Select your name from it.

Now select your name on the screen. Then click on the See Jamabandi option. As mentioned in the screenshot.


Chitha is a register where crop information is registered, in this all information is recorded for 3 years that what is done. This is to know about the complete facts of ROR.

In this revenue department shows which type of land, in this they categories it in two ways settled and unsettled, In settled property
(A) the classification of land
(B) and the total area in to be filled up for all the fields which are borne on the Chitha, whether annual or periodic, settled or Sarkari.

There are some unsettled lands that come under
1> Road, embankment,
2> Reserve,
3> Waste.
4>Under water

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